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Healthy Lung Meditation

Enhance Your Immune System & Strengthen Your Lung for

Fighting Against COVID-19 Coronavirus & Its New Variants

About Us

YiChen Master has over 30 years of experience of meditation and developed a new meditation method to enhance people's immune system and strengthen their lung's functionality to fight against the COVID-19 and its variants. This Qian Yuan Healthy Lung Meditation combines several Chinese traditional meditation methods, including Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Wu Qin Xi (Five Animals Game), with over a thousand years of history in practice. It also uses the Microcosmic Orbit Breath Technique to cultivate the flow of energy (Qi) along the Microcosmic Orbit inside the human body. It will improve the overall condition of people's body to fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

This Healthy Lung Meditation is especially helpful for people who already got infected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Most patients who got COVID-19 are quarantined to their confined space with no exercise or physical therapy available. This meditation method can be practiced in any room on a regular chair. It will improve people's immune system and re-strengthen their lung's functionality to help them have a quicker and healthier recovery. It will also be beneficial to healthcare providers to relieve their stress and improve their immune system when dealing with the stressful situation during the Pandemic of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Here are the brief introduction of the Microcosmic Orbit Breath Meditation and the full video of the Eight Styles of Qian Yuan Healthy Lung Meditation.

1. Microcosmic Orbit Breath Meditation (小周天吐納術)     

The Microcosmic Orbit Breath Meditation is a Chinese Taoist Qi Gong energy cultivation technique. It involves deep breathing exercises in conjunction with meditation and concentration techniques which develop the flow of Qi along certain pathways of energy in the human body.

First, inhale with a slow and deep breath and use your mind to guide the Qi (Energy) going through the Microcosmic Orbit inside your body (See the right picture above). It goes down from the front of your body and then goes back up from the back of your body to the top of your head. And then come to the front of your head and exhale slowly out of your mouth.


2. The Qian Yuan Healthy Lung Meditation

There are eight styles in the Qian Yuan Healthy Lung Meditation. Each style will be repeated eight times. 

Here are the Full Version Videos of the Qian Yuan Healthy Lung Meditation, both in English and in Chinese.

(Chinese Full Version)

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