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Healthy Lung Meditation

Enhance Your Immune System & Strengthen Your Lung for

Fighting Against COVID-19 Coronavirus & Its New Variants

The Benefits of Qian Yuan Healthy Lung Meditation in Fighting against the COVID-19  Pandemic

There are two major causes of death by COVID-19 Coronavirus, breathing difficulty and blood clot. 

First, for the unvaccinated people, the major cause of death is the failure of their lung due to the infection of Coronavirus. COVID-19 can cause lung damage and breathing problems that can persist even after recovery. Many patients with COVID-19 have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, which could lead to the lung failure and to death eventually.

Second, for the vaccinated people, the major cause of death is the blood clot caused by the Coronavirus as well as the spike proteins instructed by the vaccines. There are also some cases of heart diseases, like Myocarditis and Pericarditis, after people received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Here are some researches 

Recently, Israeli researchers found out that the natural immunity is "Stronger and Longer" than vaccine immunity.  (https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/312538) Therefore, it is important for people to enhance their own immune system to fight against this fast changing virus and put an end to this Pandemic of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

1. For COVID-19 Patients who were infected by COVID-19 and its new variants

This Healthy Lung Meditation can increase their breathing capacity and re-strengthen their lung's functionality to overcome the difficulty of breathing caused by the infection of Coronavirus, which will eventually lead to a healthy recovery. Practicing Healthy Lung Meditation once or twice a day during the quarantine time in hospital or at home will help people reduce their stress and anxiety and get a healthy recovery from the COVID-19 infection.



2. For People Who Have Been Vaccinated

The Healthy Lung Meditation can help people have a better blood circulation thus reduce the risk of blood clot and heart diseases. That can reduce the negative side effect of the vaccine that most people have taken.


3. For Health Care Workers Who Are Fighting in the Front Line of COVID-19 Pandemic

During the Pandemic of COVID-19, most health care workers who fight on the front line of COVID-19 Pandemic have been under tremendous stress. Due to the survey by Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation, more than half of the healthcare workers feel the medical burnout during the Pandemic of COVID-19. This Healthy Lung Meditation can help healthcare workers reduce their stress as well as the risk of infection of Coronavirus. For more details, please see Qian Yuan Healthy Lung Meditation for Healthcare workers and hospitals.

We are now having a "100-Day World Challenge to End the COVID-19 Pandemic" from January 8 to April 17, 2022. Please join us in this challenge. Together, we can end this COVID-19 Pandemic soon.


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