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Healthy Lung Meditation

Enhance Your Immune System & Strengthen Your Lung for

Fighting Against COVID-19 Coronavirus & Its New Variants

I. Qian Yuan Healthy Lung Meditation Can Help Both Patients and Healthcare Workers 

During the height of the Pandemic of COVID-19, most hospitals reached the high or full capacity in their ICUs for increased COVID-19 patients. And this situation caused two problems for the hospitals and health care facilities.

1. Most Hospitalized Patients Lack of Recovery Exercise for a Healthy Recovery

Most patients of COVID-19 were refined in their quarantined rooms which lack of exercise for a healthy recovery. Some patients eventually went on the invasive mechanical ventilation, or even pass away. 

This Healthy Lung Meditation will be the perfect solution for the hospitalized patients of COVID-19 to have a mild exercise to relief their breathing difficulty and help them enhance their immune systems to fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus and its new variants. Even after people get out of hospital, they can still practice this Healthy Lung Meditation to strengthen their lungs for a healthy recovery.


2. Most Healthcare Workers Are under Tremendous Stress

During this Pandemic of COVID-19, many doctors and healthcare workers have experienced tremendous stress working overtime to save people's lives. They also have to take the risk of being infected by this contagious virus.  

According to the Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation Survey in April 2021, an overwhelming 55% of front-line healthcare workers reported medical burnout (defined as mental and physical exhaustion from chronic workplace stress), with the highest rate(69%) among the youngest staff between ages 18 and 29. (https://www.aamc.org/news-insights/medical-burnout-breaking-bad)

The good news is that this Healthy Lung Meditation can help people reduce the stress and help them revive their immune system. Recently,  National Cancer Institute also did a research on "Breathing Techniques and Meditation for Health Care Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic." (https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/clinical-trials/search/v?id=NCI-2020-04931&r=1)

II. Healthy Lung Meditation Can also Help on Other Chronic Diseases

According to the research, meditation can be used as mind-body complementary or integrative therapy to the standard or conventional treatment for some health conditions. In the recent article published by American Cancer Society, there are some health benefits of meditation, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

  • When used along with standard medical treatment, meditation may help lower blood pressure.

  • Meditation-based programs may help reduce some menopause symptoms, including hot flashes, sleep and mood disturbances, stress, and muscle and joint pain.

  • Some evidence shows meditation can help lessen anxiety, depression, and pain.

  • For some cancer patients, meditation has been shown to help relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, and improve sleep and mood, when used along with standard medical treatment.

YiChen Master is willing to work with medical institutions to help patients as well as healthcare workers to reduce people's stress and enhance their immune system to fight against COVID-19 Coronavirus as well as other chronic diseases. For more details, please contact us for more cooperation in fighting against COVID-19 and working together to end this Pandemic of COVID-19.


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