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Enhance Your Immune System & Strengthen Your Lung for

Fighting Against COVID-19 Coronavirus & Its New Variants

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Since the beginning of the year 2020, the pandemic of COVID-19 has caused over 280 million people infected and over 5 million deaths worldwide. Now, even with the vaccines available, the new variants of COVID-19 Coronavirus have come up faster than the new vaccines could be developed. And these new variants are more contagious and lethal than the original COVID-19 virus, which render the existing vaccines less effective than before. Therefore, it is important for people to enhance their own immune system and strengthen their lung's function to fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus and its variants. 

Now, YiChen Master develops this new Healthy Lung Meditation to help people enhance their immune system and strengthen their lung's functionality to fight against the COVID-19 and its variants. And he provides the FULL VERSION Video of this Healthy Lung Meditation COMPLETELY FREE for people to watch online and follow the instruction to practice at home. 

However, to help more people fighting against COVID-19 Coronavirus and its variants, it takes a lot of effort and some monetary support to bring this information to the world. We hope you can help us bring this information to more people in the world to fight against COVID-19 Coronavirus and end this Pandemic soon. 

Here are some ways that you can help us introduce this Healthy Lung Meditation to more people and help more people enhance their immune system and strengthen their lungs against COVID-19 Coronavirus and its variants.

1. Pass this Information to the People in Need

Currently, over 500,000 people are infected with COVID-19 Coronavirus and its new variants every day. Many people don't have the access to the facilities for exercise to help them recover from this contagious disease. This Healthy Lung Meditation can improve the over-all condition of people's body to fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and it is especially helpful for people who already got infected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus as it can be safely practiced at home or in hospital. 

If you know anyone who is infected with COVID-19 or its new variants or anyone who fights on the frontline against COVID-19 Coronavirus, please pass this information to him or her. It will help patients have a quicker and healthier recovery. It will also be beneficial to healthcare providers to relieve their stress and improve their immune system when dealing with the stressful situation during the Pandemic of COVID-19 Coronavirus. Both the introduction video and full version video of the Qian Yuan Healthy Lung Meditation are posted on YouTube totally free. Additional online coaching program is also available through our E-Course & Live Coaching program. 

You can also post these images/banners on your social media and website. It may save some people's live.

2. Invite People to Join the "100-Day World Challenge to End the COVID-19 Pandemic"


This COVID-19 Pandemic of Coronavirus is an epic disaster on the biblical scale. It's not only a medical pandemic, but also a spiritual pandemic as prophesied in the Bible. It takes both medical solution and spiritual solution to end this pandemic. 

Please invite your friends to join this challenge to learn the medical advices from those top experts in the field, but also learn the meditation method and spiritual advice on how to fight against COVID-19 and its variants.

You can also share your testimonials on your medical treatment and recovery experience during this pandemic. It will also help other patients who caught COVID-19 or its variants.

Together, we can end this COVID-19 Pandemic soon with the Blessing of God. Join the Challenge Now.

3. Fundraising through the Limited Edition Cartoon NFTs.


As the NFT (Non-fungible Token) becomes the new trend in art collection, we design some beautiful and adorable Cartoon NFTs for the Healthy Lung Meditation for NFT collectors. You can collect these Limited Edition / Supreme Edition NFT Collectibles and help the world to end this pandemic as well as save people's lives at the same time. These Cartoon NFTs could be valuable digital collectibles in the future. It will be a win-win situation for everyone.



4. Make Donation to Support Our Marketing Effort 

To support us bring this Healthy Lung Meditation and Natural Remedies for COVID-19 to more people, you can make a donation to our PayPal account.

Your support and donation will be highly appreciated. God Bless!

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